PGNiG Superliga

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The Polish Handball Association of the first League in Poland wants to create a plattform for an overview of the league, games, players. Therefore a website should be installed to present the whole League.


Client PGNiG
Date 2016
Solutionss Web Design


The implementing of the overview of all teams, players, current news and statistics is the main challenge in this project and to have everything presented in an adequate way for the user

All Teams, All Scores

It is possible for the user to have an overview of all players and their statisics and furthermore the current status and the different reults can be watched.

Current News

Every news around PGNiG Superliga are being displayed and the user can read about stories of the players, developments in the league and whatever is current.


The outcome is reflecting the whole PGNiG Superliga information and everything a fan should know is now included in this website:

  • The general news feed and information about all handball results and clubs in the first Polish League
  • This product works as a web based platform

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