Polish Tennis Association

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The Polish Tennis Association is respnosobile for the administration of tennis clubs and players in Poland. A new mobile application should display the whole tennis process in Poland.


Client Polski Zwiazek Tenisa
Date 2016
Solutionss iOS and Android
Link tenispolski.pl


The challenge would require the implementing of the communication base of the tennis league with the amateur clubs and players. So the overall communication and new system.

All News

Everything that is important and interesting for tennis fans can be read in the news feed. There is a whole overview about results and games in Polish proffesional and amateur tennis.

Reservation System

The mobile application offers the users to make a quick reservation on many tennis courts all around Poland if required. Which gives the users a nice feature to go easily playing tennis.


The result of this app is showing a perfect overview about the whole professional information and as well it is reflecting the amatuer system with the following advantage:

  • The general news feed and information about all tennis results and clubs in Poland
  • A communication base which allows to reserve a tennis court in the club of your choice
  • The application is made for iOS and Android

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