BZ WBK Santander Bank & University of Economics Poznan

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This project is designed in the cooperation of the University of Economics in Poznan with the BZ WBK Santander Bank, which is one of the largest and most innovative financial institutes in Poland.


Client University of Economics Poznan and BZ WBK Santander Bank
Date 2016
Solutionss Web Design, UX/UI, mobile app


In this type of project it was the challenge to achieve the developement of the application in where the instution can preselect the most talentend student or graduate. This  application should be insert some certain training modes for the students to figure out who would be the most tailored for the offered jobs.

Interactive Quizes

The students that login to this app are here able to work on interactive quizes and thereby increase their score. The Bank will have the possiblity of looking at the overview of the results.

Students Profile

Every student can create his own whole profile, with individual settings, pictures and can administrate it from his phone wherever he or she wants.


The outcome for this project was mainly the development of an application, which could now be used from all three parties, the University, the Bank and of course the students and could cover following points:

  • This tool is helping to achieve easy recruitment for students
  • The students can create accounts in which they have included their CV and competences
  • The application is including quizes, where they can present their abilities
  • This application works on Android

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