Professional Software Development


Our Software House works with a highly skilled team to develop different and individual IT products with highest standards.

We are focusing on mobile applications, games and internet applications. Our team is consisting of 13 proffesional software developers. The developer team is splitted up into back-end architects, front-end programers, mobile developers, web developers and hardware specialists. The huge advantage of our highly skilled team is that it is working flexible and furthemore we have experience with working remotely with different time zones.

Advanced Working

Our IT solutions are enhancing the market competitivness of our partners.

The communication system in our company is designed to achieve the fastest problem solving for your needs and wishes you have. We as 1connect can check issues all the time on different poject management tools to solve them. We are working remotely to take care of your product anywhere and anytime.

Project Management

Achieving your perfect software is a stage by stage process. Which will alawys provide new challenges for us to solve.

We are developing projects together as a team in the way of agile project development, which means that we always work in sprints and try to adapt the necessary changes to the software from the beginning to the finish line.


It is our goal to achieve your indivudal fitting software, which will ease the use for you.

Besides our individual offer for each product, we can offer as well a wide range of already finished products, which have been developed in connection with the most common problems in business companies:

  • Stimulate your sales with a business supporting sowftware
  • Import process of learning and training in the company
  • Applications achieving connection between companies and partners
  • Developing decision support tools in marketing and sales
  • We are able to to work with low level programming
Mobile Application
The mobile application is probably the fastest and most efficient way to reach people today. We can connect customers, employees or partners with your company. We create mobile applications for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.
Modern business requires more processing of information from multiple sources. This challenge we can cover by implementing CRM, ERP, eCommerce and business intelligence in our products. As well we can create components for portals and web sites.
We use elements of gamification as a tool to increase interaction with the users. Even more we can create simple games.
IT Outsourcing
We rent the entire project team, composed which consists of: Project Manager, Analyst, Designer and UI developers. We provide their own design tools, or enter a customer’s organizational structure.

Our Clients

We have gained experience in implementing advanced products for our clients.

Our Technologies


#Marvel app


#Core 1.0


#Angular 2/4


#Unity 3D
#Android SDK
#Ionic 2

It is your turn, contact us!

Please contact us and write us an email or call us, so we can conduct further meetings. Of course we would like to talk about your project face to face, but as well we can cover long distances by arranging digital meetings.

Dawid Borciuch
+48 509 903 365

International Clients
Gunnar Grothkopp
+49 151 407 664 12

Key Account Manager
Klaudyna Kowalska

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Dawid Borciuch
+48 509 903 365

International Clients
Gunnar Grothkopp
+49 151 407 664 12

Key Account Manager
Klaudyna Kowalska

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IT Outsourcing

Why exactly should you choose us and Poland in general for outsourcing your IT issues?


Poland can be considered as one of the top adresses for IT outsourcing and developing products. The high educational level and the growing economy are promising perfect conditions. Furthermore for European partners, the small cultural gap and institutional strings are making it easy to cooperate.

Education in Poland

Poland is well known for bringing up some of the best and intelligent students in the field of IT


The Polish IT professionals rank the highest in international programs every year, such as Microsoft Imagine Cup or Google Code Jam. Besides that, Poland has 10% of all EU graduates, 15.000 of them enter the IT market every year.

Economic Reasons

The strong growing economy in Poland is as well affecting the IT sector and is providing many advantages for foreigners to invest.


Poland can offer much better prices in providing IT services, which is being currently supported by the IT and Software market growth which is worth US$ 4.5 billion and has a growth rate of 10.7 %. The strong institutional ties and good infrastructural connection in Europe make it easy to communicate and the growth of educational institutions, industrial parks and specialized research centers are promising an enormous growth in the European economy for the upcoming years.